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Electroprivod™ Ltd. is one of leaders in the field of suppling industrial stepping motors, drives, gear motors and ball screws

Electroprivod™ Ltd. is on the market of Russia since 2002. In 2002 the basic business-idea of creation the company was maintenance of the enterprises of Russia with electromechanical products under individual requirements. Practically at once from the moment of formation, besides sales of electromechanical products, the company Electroprivod™ Ltd. has started development and manufacture of industrial controllers and digital control systems and as early as the end of 2002 the company has let out on the market the driver for stepping motors. The main criterion of development was an opportunity of management both domestic and import stepping motors. For these some years the company has been saved up a wide experience and statistics on management of stepping motors.

Now the company Electroprivod™ Ltd. is the representative of known world firms, such as Changzhou Fulling Motor, Shayang Ye Industrial, King Right Motor.

Specialization of the company:

Field of application:
Production of Electroprivod™ Ltd. finds the application in instrument making, automatic control systems, mechanisms of exact positioning, robotics, machine-tool construction, medical and home appliances

Electroprivod™ Ltd. works with the enterprises on all territory of the Russian Federation.

Experts of Electroprivod™ Ltd. know specificity of Russian market and how to promote stepping motors, gear motors, ball screws, slide guides, ball splines, rotary, topball products, slide bushes, slide units, stroke bushes, slide rotary bushes, slide shafts, slide ways, gonio ways, actuators, slide screws and etc.

If you have any question, please contact to:

Mr. Antonov Vitaly
e-mail: dir@electroprivod.ru
tel./fax + 7.812.703.09.81